About me
My name is Betina. I am 100% Filipina and proud of it. I live in New York City. I am a nurse, the kind who wears heels, not scrubs. I love fashion. For the love of it, I had a blog (Her Armoire) that I decided to leave for something much better—this blog.
About this blog
It all started with a dream—a dream of seeing the world, a dream of experiencing something different, a dream of stepping out of the reality to be in another reality, and a dream of just being out there.

That dream came true—or better said, coming true. Life can surprisingly turn from beautiful to even more beautiful. I met this amazing guy who happens to share the same dream with me. We fell in love and the rest is history (or should I say future). We have this untamable wanderlust that we cannot help but book our tickets, pack, and go together.
Hence, this blog was put up not to chronicle the details of our journey (he got this part covered in his blog: Wisdom Traveler) but to immortalize the wonderful experiences we had. We haven’t been everywhere, but it is on our list. I will be portraying travels from long ago to travels to come in retrospect because of three reasons: first, it could only be glamorous that way; second, I love the idea of being random—no pressure of posting right after the trip and while I am still nursing my jet lag; and lastly, it is only by looking back on the places visited that one see from the heart—not blinded by the fairy tale of being somewhere far from the familiar.

 Come along with us as we discover the world in love.


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  2. Ok lets try this again, hi Betina I hope you don`t mind me joining your blog. I just want to belong to someting to forget Madison York. If you are uncomfortable with me being a member please tell me